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Bryan Golden

Don’t Try

“I’ll give it a try,” is the remark often made by those about to attempt some particular endeavor. We have grown up learning how advantageous it is to give something a try. Unfortunately, giving something a try is actually a back door to failure.
When you give something a try, but are unsuccessful, the typical response is, “Well at least I gave it a try.” So trying is used to excuse failure because at least an attempt was made. Success requires accomplishments, not attempts.
In order to succeed, you must say, “I will do it.” This is a statement of determination to do whatever it takes, as many times as it takes, until your goal is reached. Failure only occurs when you give up. Unrelenting persistence invariably leads to success.
Do you know what you really want? How badly do you want it? Determination is linked to the degree of your desire. Determination is essential to reach your destination. A burning desire propels you to overcome the obstacles you will encounter.
Understanding why you want something helps fuel your determination. You must understand, and have a desire for the benefits you will realize when successful. When the benefits are meaningful to you, your motivation is significantly intensified.
Conversely, if you don’t know why you want something, or its attainment holds no value, there is little enthusiasm to attain it. In this situation, if you are pushed, you are likely to just give it a try. Although this halfhearted attempt is likely to fail, you are covered with the defense of, “At least I gave it a try.”
If the consequences of failure are significant, your motivation to succeed is also boosted. However, if there is no significant down side to failure, there isn’t much of a reason to succeed either.
When you decide you will succeed, drive, determination, and discipline are utilized to make it happen. Drive is the force which gets you moving. Drive causes you to break free from the inertia which acts to keep you in the same place.
Determination enables you to keep going in spite of obstacles. It provides the impetus to get back up whenever you stumble or fall. Determination enables you to transform setbacks into comebacks.
Discipline keeps you moving forward even when the going becomes mundane, tedious, or boring. Discipline creates the mental focus needed to avoid distractions in order to stay on track. Discipline gives you the fortitude to do what you need to do so you can maintain forward progress toward your goals.
Proper planning is one of the steps required for accomplishment. Hit or miss attempts based on guessing or misinformation have little chance of success. Knowing the proper sequence of steps required in order to reach a specific destination is essential. Accurate information is obtained by thoroughly researching how others have attained the same goals you are targeting.
Further study of successful people reveals effective strategies they used to solve problems and overcome obstacles. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Learn from others who are where you want to be.
How long it takes to reach your destination is irrelevant. Time goes by regardless of what you are doing. All that matters is your forward momentum. Keep taking one step after another until you are where you want to be.
Never allow negative criticism from others deter you. The success of your life is not dependent on anyone else’s approval. Opinions as to why what you are doing won’t succeed are of no value. All you need is just one reason why you will reach your goals. “I will do it,” is what you should always tell yourself.

Bryan is a management consultant, motivational speaker, author, and adjunct professor. E-mail Bryan at or write him c/o this paper.  2014 Bryan Golden


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