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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

Let’s consider “The Facts of Life”. Beginning at Conception, when your mother’s egg cell was fertilized by your father’s sperm cell, the 23 chromosomes and approx. 50,000 genes from each parent, combined to determine all your physical characteristics: sex; facial features; body type; color of hair, eyes and skin. Everything about you had already been decided. Even more amazing, intelligence and personality were already in place within your genetic code. For the remaining 9 months of your mother’s pregnancy, all you did was grow and nothing grows if it is not living. At conception your were already essentially and uniquely “you”.
In 1973 nine Justices (all men) sitting on the Supreme Court invented a new, previously undefined “right of privacy” which it discovered with fancy words that made up the so-called “right” to abortion out of thin air. And, it was a disaster. Now 46 years later, after over 60 million babies have been aborted (killed), we are debating “infanticide”, the killing of an infant as it is being born. Every abortion, at any stage of development in the womb, has two victims: one dead and one wounded for life.
Currently before the U.S. Senate is “The Life at Conception Act” and a record number of co-sponsors are laying the groundwork for one bill that would overturn Roe v. Wade and put an end to the Supreme Court’s policy of abortion-on-demand. Contact your U.S. Senator and I pray that it will be enacted.
And some want to compromise! How do you compromise on aborting (killing) innocent human beings.
Abortion is not a moral choice, abortion is killing an unborn infant; we do not have a “right” to kill one another.
I pray for all the mothers who have made that choice, Our Heavenly Father does “Forgive”. “Ask and It Shall Be Given Unto You”.

Brenda DesOrmeaux
Missionary of Evangelium Vitae
Maurice, LA 70555


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