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Letter to the Editor regarding Vermilion Parish School Board

Dear Editor:

I have been attending the VPSB meetings for most of the past three years. I'm seeing and hearing first hand all the foolishness that goes on at these meetings. I leave the meetings feeling embarrassed for our school system and parish.
Things are bad enough with trying to oust the Superintendent without Mr. Kibbie Pillette’s statement on our Abbeville Police department.
Saying if the Superintendent was black he would have already been arrested. That's after the Chief got opinions to not do anything. I have worked with the Chief and his department and can say that racism is not in play here. You should offer a public apology to the Chief and his department. (Shame on you Mr. Pillette for trying to start that kind of trouble in Abbeville). Even calling a protest at the school board office.
Rumor has it that no more than 3 or 4 attended. This was so unprofessional in many ways, especially you being a sitting school board member.
Another thing I'm asking is how much is the boards legal counsel costing the tax payers of Vermilion Parish? I understand a contract was signed by Mrs. Laura LeBouef, in fact I was at the meeting and saw you sign it, I was told it is also on video, then I heard it was shredded. So does the board have a legal contract or not? I've heard rumors that it's costing the VPSB anywhere between $200/hr to $275/hr plus travel time and expenses. Sometimes there are 2 attorneys there, are we paying for both of them? If so how much? Where is the transparency? What are you hiding? Is there a reason you are not telling we the people you work for? Transparency!!
Another investigation? Really? I guess you will continue looking till you hopefully get the results you want. Apparently Mr. Puyau is doing what he was hired to do, you seem to have a problem finding cause to fire him. Maybe there is no cause.
As I have said in my comments to the school board a few times, how much better would our Vermilion Parish School System be if all the time, money and energy being spent on getting rid of the Superintendent would be expended in supporting his efforts to make our system the best in the State.
Some members of our parish school board appear to have little regard for the law and what the law requires. Enough is enough and change has become a necessity. The power to end this situation lies with we, the people, we have to take back our school board. When the time is here, I urge you to vote accordingly.
Mrs. Laura LeBouef and Mr. Kibbie Pillette need to be removed from their positions as President and Vice President and also from the board itself.
A Go Fund Me account has been set up ("The Vermilion Way" so we can help the superintendent to defray some of his legal cost. This money will not go to the Superintendent at all. It will be paid to the legal defense team helping him. All monies will go to the defense not to the Superintendent.
It's time we, the public, come forward and help to stop this almost dictatorship we now have as President and Vice President of our School Board. Just because the board voted it does NOT mean that is can be done above the law.
Thanks for reading and remember all this in the next election. Let's take back our school board!

Gerald Gaspard


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