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The campaign aims to reduce cigarette butt leader by giving something for smokers to put them in rather than throwing them on the ground.

Keep Abbeville Beautiful, Keep Louisiana Beautiful team up to reduce cigarette butt litter

Keep Your Butts in Your Pants is a campaign aimed to reduce cigarette butt litter by distributing pocket ashtrays to smokers and encouraging them to properly dispose of the butts. Keep Abbeville Beautiful has recruited several convenient stores to partner and implement this campaign.
A cleaner Abbeville can be accomplished by raising awareness of the cigarette butt litter problem and distributing free pocket ashtray to smokers. This gives smokers an opportunity to do the right thing by using a pocket ashtray instead of littering the butt. It is Keep Louisiana Beautiful’s hope that after repeated use of the pocket ashtray that smokers will adopt this new behavior and it will become a habit resulting in a reduction of cigarette butt litter.
Cigarette butts remain the most littered item in Louisiana and across the globe. Dropping cigarette butts and cigar tips to the ground, putting them in planters, and disposing of them in waterways is littering. Littering cigarette butts and cigar tips is unsightly, costly to clean up, illegal and harmful to waterways and wildlife. In fact, 32% of litter in storm drains are tobacco products. Litter traveling through storm drains and water systems, end up in local streams, rivers, and waterways.
Interesting Facts:
Most cigarette litter occurs in the car or at transition points.
95% of cigarette filters are not biodegradable but the majority of smokers believe that cigarette butts are biodegradable.
Due to cigarette litter’s small size many view it on a different scale than other litter.
Keep Louisiana Beautiful, Inc. is the state’s anti-litter and community improvement organization focused on education, enforcement, awareness and cleanups. For more information please contact Keep Abbeville Beautiful at 337-898-4110.


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